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Frequently asked questions:

Is custom software more expensive than packaged programs?
No. In some cases, it is actually less costly than packaged software. The most important things
about having a custom solution designed are that you own it, and you can have changes or
additions done whenever you need them.

Do you write software for all types of businesses?
Yes, we have been very fortunate, in that we have a widely diverse group of clients. We have provided
software solutions for manufacturers, retailers, auto dealerships, food industries, oil refineries, colleges and
institutions, and governmental agencies.

How long does it take to complete a program?
That, of course depends on the size of the project. To answer your question, I will tell you that we have
projects that are on-going after a year of development, and we have those that take only a month or two, to
complete. Most fall into this category.

How can you complete a program via the internet?
In most cases, sending someone to a site is costly and in the final analysis, all he or she accomplishes is a
"face to face" with the client. We cannot complete projects at a site with the activity that goes on. What we can do
on site, is pick up data or specifications from the prospective client. We then can complete an intelligent
proposal and mail it out for approval. The internet (or remote communications) allows us to receive client
files, data, or specifications and in turn, deliver them to the client in the same manner. This saves our clients
up to $1,000.00 per day.

What do you mean by "remote"
Most of our clients have, or obtain a remote host software program such as Laplink  PcAnywhere or the newest
generation of remote applications using the internet such as LogMeIn. We are then able to dial into their system
 (usually after business hours) and make changes, additions, repairs to damaged files, and check backup routines.
We can also train personnel using the remote software so that both the user and trainer are seeing the same screens.

Who owns the program, once completed?
You do! We do not claim any copyright on programs we write for our clients' exclusive use. Additionally, we
do not encode the programs, thereby allowing on-site MIS people the opportunity of making minor changes
without incurring additional out-sourced programming costs.

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